Yesterday we had a nice come-together and I handed over a Christmas present from The Faked: The Happy Goggler.

Watch the machinima to see what such a real Goggler can give you.




I nearly forgot this blog over time. So many things happened. There is one constant over the years: Each month I write in rez Magazine — so why not to catch up there? In case you don’t find an article signed by Art Blue then check out for an alias I used. It shall be not too difficult.

I always write the same ways, like being on drugs. Got it? Yes, Substance-D was one of my last doings when I stepped into the fridge.



So much has happened and is happening right now. You may ask if there are any milestones. There are, but they are nevertheless THE PAST.

So let me show you THE PRESENT that is right now in focus.


WizardOz Chrome will film it and I hope it will become an epic document, like the machinima MOONREZZER which she made for my LEA installation in 2015.

How is the MOONREZZER connected to the epic talk to the Dead Horse?

I look at the horse. I say, “The show must go on.” I know they will carry the memory like if being blessed by a Dove after they understand the epic dimension that they are watching the most famous horse in the universe. I say, “The Dead Horse is the horse Nightmare that was reborn in the Moonrezzer.”

The next entry on facebook will be BEUYS MEETING WARHOL.



LPM 2015

I just have applied, but got some technical glitches at the registration page. Let´s she how it goes 🙂



voronoiThe Voronoi Contest

You are invited to code a sketch in Processing based on a method developed by Voronoi.

[  -> To visualize structures that have been defined by Voronoi over 100 years ago may give an impact in coding on regenerative cell structures in experimental biomedicine for the 21st century. ]

Georgi Feodosjevitch Voronoi, a Russian mathematician (1868-1908), had the idea to separate an area into regions in a quite special way, but nevertheless ‘easy to code’. An algorithm for calculating distances between ‘seed points’ and then building up areas to create a so called Voronoi diagram are described in many sites in the internet. Just start at Wikipedia and then go on.

The Voronoi application shall become the visual key for the opening performance of the WVIRCM conference. Key note speaker is Robert Schrödel, Managing Director of Pioneer Medical Devices AG and honorary professor at Koch-Metschnikow University St. Petersburg. Also some Voronoi diagrams will be printed in a calendar ‘Reuse codes and concepts’.

To make the Voronoi sketch accessible in an user friendly and educative way the use of parameters in the program is strongly recommended.

[  -> There is a draft paper available to see what parameters might be suited to offer the user a wide range to experiment, as this user shall feel more as a ‘Voronoi creator’ and not as a programmer. Aspects in education and code design have a strong impact. ]

Review and contact by e-mail with info@mb-technilog.com


The World Virtual Institute for Reuse [codes / concepts] in Medicine was inspired by WVIPRM inventors Prof. Dr. Augustinus Bader and Robert Schrödel.

MB Technilog, a Berlin based consulting company, hosts the WVIRCM conference. Shareholders of MB Technilog are Berlex AG, Robert Schrödel and Vanguard AG. Prime locations of WVIRCM are Berlin, Leipzig, Athens, London and New York.

The grant by WVIRCM

Everyone can become the maker of a sketch and even get a grant. There is a guide online on how a code could be setup step by step to do the Voronoi job. The WVIRCM is hosted worldwide and can be accessed by everybody using ‘The EYE-viewer’, which is based on V-viewer. There is a wide range of grants and support offered. The ‘Liverecode’ program is one of them. Liverecode is focused on innovative tools to be used by the users like Kinect of Microsoft or the EPOCH headset by emotiv. Also tools with a look and feel like the one ‘of the ancestors’ is welcomed 1). All the grants are sponsored by Pioneer Medical Devices AG. The members of the jury proposing a grant are Reiner Schneeberger and Dietrich Scheringer. More about the grant, the prizes and the jury at http://grant.wvircm.com

V-viewer has been developed by MB-Technilog. First presented at the German-Greek summit in Athens 2008. Free to download at … (link will be provided).

1) like the ‘Mondrian keyboard’, inspired by Herbert W. Franke´s Mondrian (1979), recoded and enhanced in 2005 for 3D.